Notes from the field and family members...

"I received 2 packages of brownies recently from Baking for the Troops.  They were a huge hit in my office and a much needed morale boost.  There was no note on the packages on who ordered the brownies, I would just like to send the proper thanks.  Thank you for what you do also, it does make a difference over here."

-Capt. Kevin S. Krebs, USAF of Littleton, CO
"Our son is in the Army and recently arrived in Afghanistan for his 1st tour of duty.  I know he would be very appreciative of the cookies.

Thanks for providing this very important ministry to the troops."
- Marc and Brenda Throckmorton, parents of 1LT Jeff Throckmorton of Milford, OH
"The guys both received thier brownies! Very pleased!"

- Marcia Garrison, mom of Capt. Samuel Garrison of St. Petersburg, FL and Sgt. Joel Garrison of Birmingham, AL                       
"...He loves chocolate, no nuts. You are really wonderful. God's Blessings. Greetings to Colorado."

- Leanne Chappell, mom of Lcpl
Brenden Chappell of El Paso, Texas
"Many thanks for the brownies and carrot cake.  You are an awesome culinary artiste!  We all enjoyed the baked goods.......mostly me.  I love carrot cake.  Again thank you for just thinking of us."

- MAJ Glenn Burks, US Army

"On behalf of the American Red Cross at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, we want to thank Baking for the Troops for your very generous donations!  The ribbons were such a sweet thought and, for the troops here, it felt like it was their collective birthday!"

- Susanne Harlandt, Red Cross Team 22
Bagram, Afghanistan
"I want to thank you x1000000 for what you do.  I knew the box would arrive either today or tomorrow so I waited for it after work and there it was!  We were so excited because we haven't had any baked goods in a while so they came at the right time and they were absolutely delicious!!!  Thank you once again...once we got the containers we ate everything at once!  The goodies got here at a perfect time!!! Thank you again!"  

Ana Diaz, currently deployed
Hometown: Miami, FL.