Welcome to Baking for the Troops!

Grounded in a philosophy that every member of the US Military deserves a homemade care package of baked goods as a reminder of our love, support, and appreciation for their commitment to our country, Baking for the Troops was established in 2009 in Denver, Colorado, by a dedicated civilian with a deep love and respect for the members of America's armed forces.

We recognize that it's not easy to be away from friends and family for an extended period of time, and we honor the sacrifice of our servicemen and women.  It is our hope that with every passing day, one care package of homemade goodies at a time, that the members of our military feel our love and support, no matter where they are.  

Our efforts are especially aimed at members of our armed forces who don't have dedicated friends and family at home to send them care packages.  That's where Baking for the Troops comes in, as a second family to crank up the ovens, decorate the cookies, and fill the gap so every service member has a taste of home during their deployment.  

If you are an active duty member of the US Military or have a friend or loved one serving abroad to whom you wish to send a care package through Baking for the Troops, you've come to the right place.

We bake our appreciation, love and prayers into every package that leaves our kitchens!

To date, Baking for the Troops has sent 2,145 packages of brownies, cookies and cakes to members of the US Military all over the world! 

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15 boxes of toiletries, magazines, snacks and homemade brownies and cookies prepared by Baking for the Troops reach Afghanistan in September 2010.
20 Boxes of Baking for the Troops brownies arrive overseas to greet multiple Air Force Units deployed over Christmas in 2013.